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Does air pollution age your brain faster?
Increasing amounts of research indicate that air pollution is linked to accelerated brain aging.
Không khí Hà Nội ở mức rất xấu
Các điểm quan trắc của Hà Nội, Đại sứ quán Mỹ đều hiển thị chất lượng không khí thủ đô ở mức xấu
Hanoi air quality at 'very bad' level
Monitoring results recorded at various stations across Hanoi on Sunday show Hanoi's air quality i
Childhood exposure to air pollution can be linked to self-harm
A study of over 1.4 million Danes has revealed a link between higher levels of exposure to two co
Air pollution kills over 7 million a year, WHO toughens guidelines
The World Health Organization strengthened its guidelines on Wednesday.
School indoor air quality cannot be reliably assessed based on pupils' symptoms
In schools, children exposed to indoor air quality problems, such as moisture damage, temperature
New study shows: COVID-19 virus is evolving to get better at becoming air-borne
Study suggests need for better ventilation and tight-fitting masks, in addition to widespread vac
Schools across Europe must stay open, say WHO and Unicef
Schools across Europe must stay open and be made safer for staff and children, the World Health O
HyperHEPA techology to fight COVID
When Covid-19 first struck the world, there was little information as to how it was spread.