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schools, kindergartens

Schools and Kindergartens

Air pollutants compromise the learning environment

Creating and maintaining healthful air quality in schools presents a unique challenge. A complex mix of indoor and outdoor air pollutants can compromise the learning environment and cause concern about the health and comfort of students and staff. IQAir has extensive experience in providing schools with effective air cleaning solutions to address a wide variety of air pollution issues.

Air Quality in Schools

Children are particularly vulnerable to toxic air contaminants. Not only are their breathing rates higher in relation to their body weight, their lung development is directly affected by air pollution. Exposure to polluted air during these developing years leads to decreased respiratory function later in life. Increasing reports of asthma, which is one of the leading causes of absenteeism among school age children, have been directly linked to elevated air pollution exposure. Recent data also suggest that poor indoor air quality may directly reduce a person's ability to perform specific mental tasks requiring concentration, calculation or memory.

IQAir Solutions for Schools and Kindergartens

Large classroom size with high occupancy density and requirements for low noise have meant that air cleaning options for schools provided either ineffective air cleaning performance or presented schools and staff with major drawbacks. IQAir has extensive experience in working with schools and government agencies to provide air cleaning technology that significantly improves the air quality in schools. In fact, it has been demonstrated that IQAir products are able to reduce the amount of air pollution exposure for children and staff in classrooms by up to 95%. Such results are achieved in close cooperation with school administration and maintenance staff and involve a three-step process: problem analysis, solution design and solution implementation. Relying on 50 years of air cleaning experience, IQAir combines proven methodologies and advanced air purification technologies to provide air quality improvements previously thought impossible. For more information please visit: