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What are Ultrafine particles?
Ultrafine particles (UFPs), also known as PM0.1, refers to airborne particulate matter that measu
What is PM2.5?
Particulate matter, or PM, refers to particles found in the air, including dust, soot, dirt, smok
HCMC's upcoming "Utopia of Southeast Asia", now filled with microplastic
The Thu Thiem New Urban Area, which spans 930 hectares and is home to around 200,000 people, is c
Long holiday weekend, highest traffic congestion since Covid began
The COVID virus has been declining steadily in recent weeks, with the daily average number of cas
Levels of fine particles in Ho Chi Minh city has been falling
Air pollution is a major health concern worldwide, with around 60,000 deaths annually in Vietnam
Are fireworks bad for air quality?
Fireworks are a big part of many holiday celebrations, a rare and beautiful sight signaling the c
Pollution from cooking emissions hangs in the air
Scientists are investigating how aerosols are transformed in the atmosphere in order
Heart health and air pollution
Instinctively we know that exposure to high levels of air pollution can harm a person’s respirato
Air pollution could be the primary cause of premature skin aging
Studies have warned about the negative effects of ultraviolet ray (UVR) exposure to our skin for