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Hà Nội Unveils Strategies to Combat Air Pollution

Hà Nội is actively addressing escalating air pollution by intensifying inspections to prevent straw burning, particularly near national highways and the airport. The city is encouraging businesses to buy straw as a raw material for economic efficiency and to reduce post-harvest burning. Additionally, efforts are underway to research eco-friendly technologies for straw collection.

As one of the world's 17 largest cities, Hà Nội faces challenges due to environmental pollution and climate change. Seasonal transitions, especially in winter, worsen air quality, with uncontrolled emissions from various sources contributing to the problem.

Collaborative efforts with neighboring provinces are crucial, as emphasized in a workshop organized by the municipal People's Committee and the World Bank. Proposed solutions include banning outdoor waste burning, improving agricultural waste management, enforcing motorbike emission standards, and promoting public transport and electric vehicles.

The city must also address ammonium emissions from agriculture, encourage organic fertilizers, and tighten power plant emission standards. Aligning with Việt Nam's commitment to zero emissions by 2050, Hà Nội should increase renewable energy and reduce reliance on coal and biomass in craft villages. These collective measures are vital for safeguarding Hà Nội's air quality.

Source: VietNam News - Hà Nội to implement solutions to reduce air pollution