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HealthPro 250: Best Air Purifier for Your Money reviewed by doctors

The HealthPro 250 (Also known as HealthPro Plus) recently topped the list of allergen air purifiers by Money Magazine. Doctors who treat allergies recommended IQAir’s HealthPro room air purifier as the best allergen air purifier for your money.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez, an integrative cancer oncologist and naturopathic doctor and non-toxic living expert, said that “a lot of physicians” recommend IQAir’s high-performance HealthPro for mitigating allergens and cleaning the air in a large space.

In the December 2022 Money Magazine article, Dr. Gonzalez noted that the award-winning air purifier’s performance was superior to others on the list due to its ability to capture the tiniest of existing airborne particle pollutants, including viruses. The HealthPro HyperHEPA filtration makes a meaningful difference for severe allergy sufferers because, as Dr. Gonzalez noted, “there’s different sizes to these particles… mold tends to be bigger whereas viruses tend to be smaller."

IQAir's HealthPro features HyperHEPA filtration, which is proven to capture 99.5 percent of harmful particles down to .003 microns. These ultrafine particles make up about 90 percent of all airborne particles and are among the most harmful due to their ability to penetrate deep into our vital organs.

Among the criteria for selecting the top air purifiers for allergen control were the use of carbon filtering technology, the air purifier’s ease of use, and system efficiency.

The HealthPro 250 proven, medical-grade filtration has been trusted in numerous real-world clinical settings. For instance, the air purifier was selected by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority to help protect staff and patients during the SARS-CoV-1 epidemic and the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.


Source: Money Magazine