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IQAIR Advocates Children's Stay-at-Home Approach on High Air Pollution Days for Healthier Learning Environments

IQAIR Recommends Home Stay for Young Learners Amidst Prolonged Hazardous Air Quality Episodes in Vietnam

In response to persistent poor air quality affecting health in various regions, the Health Environment Management Agency suggests a proactive measure for the well-being of kindergarten and primary school students. Proposed guidelines indicate that if Air Quality Indexes remain hazardous for three consecutive days, young learners may stay home.

Recent data reveals alarming air quality levels in Hanoi, with frequent hazardous readings last week, elevating the risks of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular issues, strokes, and cancer. Health experts highlight potential skin damage and adverse effects on neurological and immune systems due to exposure to air pollutants.

The Air Quality Index categorizes levels from 0-500, designating values of 0-50 as "good," 51-100 as "average," 101-150 as "unhealthy," 151-200 as "poor," 201-300 as "very poor," and 301-500 as "hazardous," as per the Ministry of Health's Agency.

The ministry advises nurseries, kindergartens, and primary schools to consider allowing students to stay home if hazardous air quality persists for three days. For those attending school, precautions include avoiding outdoor activities or adjusting schedules.

To mitigate health risks, individuals are urged to refrain from outdoor activities until the Air Quality Index improves. Closing doors and windows is recommended to minimize contact with pollutants.

Vulnerable groups, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, are advised to monitor their health during periods of heavy air pollution. Seeking medical attention for symptoms like difficulty breathing, coughing, or fever is recommended.

Experts emphasize the longstanding issue of air pollution in Vietnam, particularly in major cities like Hanoi, attributing it to insufficient management of emission sources from vehicles, construction sites, and industrial facilities.

Source: Vnexpress - Environment agency proposes for children to skip school on days of heavy air pollution