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Fine, noxious dust of unknown origin invaded over 1,000 homes in central Vietnam

More than 1,000 homes in Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam were invaded by fine, noxious dust of unknown origin, causing great worry among residents.

Nguyen Cong Thanh, who lives in Binh Tri Commune, said the dust entered his home on the night of October 30. His family went to bed shortly after, but the dust continued to come into the home, making it difficult to breathe.

"The doors were closed, yet in the morning, I could see the dust on the floor. It has a putrid, unpleasant smell"

-Thanh said, adding that he has never seen such a phenomenon before.

Other residents said they tried to sweep the dust away that night, but it kept coming, covering the floor in just 30 minutes. The situation continued until the next morning, leaving people worried.

"Our family has two first graders and one kindergartener. In the past few days, whenever class ends, we make our children stay in their rooms (not letting them play outside)," said Ngo Van Dung, who lives in An Loc Nam Village.

The white, fine dust is affecting the lives of hundreds of families living in neighboring Binh Hai Commune. Commune chairman Ngo Van Thing said the dust makes people nauseous when inhaled, so they suspect that some adverse event has occurred at factories in the Dung Quat economic zone.

On Wednesday, the Binh Son District Peoples Committee carried out a field inspection in two communes where the dust had appeared. They worked with representatives of three factories in the economic zone to find a solution to the problem.

Nguyen Tuong Chuan, deputy head of the district's Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, said that while the fine dust is no longer present, its origin must still be investigated.

All representatives from the aforementioned factories said they were uninvolved in the phenomenon. However, an investigation is ongoing to determine the source of the pollution.

"Once the cause is identified, whichever factory caused the pollution would have to pay the inspection fees and take responsibility for their actions,"

Authorities said the dust would be analyzed and have asked factories to allow inspection teams to enter their premises. The Dung Quat Economic Zone, spanning 10,300 hectares, is home to over 230 businesses, many of them in heavy industries.

Source: VnExpress